Sunday, 27 May 2018

The best source of protein for vegans!


Dr. Gabriel Cousens answers this burning question 

He compares sprouts, eggs, chicken, fish protein and 
hits the nail on the head, as always!

Do view it, mull over it and implement to benefit. 
Please decide for yourself depending on your activity 
level and experiment! Kidney patients need to stay 
away from excess protein for sure.

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Friday, 25 May 2018


Try this mouth watering salad with masoor dal 
and share your feedback with us.

1 cup soaked masoor
1 tomato chopped
2 spring onions sliced

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 teaspoons chopped mint
¼ tsp ground cumin
Pinch of red chilli powder

Put the lentils/ masoor in a pot. Cover with water. Bring to boil. 
Cook until the lentils are just tender. Drain and keep aside to cool. 
Gently toss the lentils with tomato, onions and salt. 
Put the dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.

Drizzle over the salad and toss gently to combine.

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आजची पाक कृती: मिण्टी लेंटिल सलाड


1 कप भिगोकर मसूर
1 टमाटर कटा हुआ
2 हरा स्प्रिंग ओनियन का प्याज कटा हुआ 
( सादा प्याज भी चलेगा ... उपलब्धताके अनुसार) नमक


1 बड़ा चम्मच extra virgin olive oil
1 बड़ा चम्मच apple cider vinegar
2 चम्मच कटा हुआ पुदीना
¼ छोटा चम्मच जमीन जीरा
लाल मिर्च पाउडर का पिंच


मसूर को एक बर्तन में रख दे। पानी डाल के उबाले। 
जब तक मसूर सॉफ्ट नहीं होती है तब तक कुक करें। 
निकालें और ठंडा करने के लिए अलग रखें। 
टमाटर, प्याज और नमक के साथ मसूर को धीरे-धीरे टॉस करें।

एक जार में ड्रेसिंग सामग्री रखे और अच्छी तरह से हिलाओ।

सर्व्ह करते समय ड्रेसिंग सॅलड पर डालकर टॉस करें...

Freedom From Diabetes Transcendental Residential Program TRP

Invest one week to reverse diabetes

Plan your week in advance at PUNE, India

• 7 Nights/ 8 Days - 23 June (Saturday) to 30 June (Saturday) 2018
• 7 Nights/ 8 Days - 10 July (Tuesday) to 17 July (Tuesday) 2018
• 7 Nights/ 8 Days - 21 July (Saturday) to 28 July (Saturday) 2018

More details and Register online on The Freedom From Diabetes website


A) Daily morning meditation, Two 1-hour exercise sessions, Morning & Afternoon Smoothie, FFD Style Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
B) Three Cooking Classes, Three Juice Feasting Days
C) Generic stress release session, Positivity and inner change, Training ones' subconscious mind towards ones' deeper goals, Einstein Process to shift one's perception of reality and develop wisdom and peace, Grounding exercises, Fear and doubt releasing NLP based exercises

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Freedom story of the day!

My name is Nitin Nandurkar from Thane
I am an Aircraft Engineer by profession. I work for an 
International airline - Saudi Arabian Airlines at Mumbai. 
Being in such profession where continuously work 
in odd hours with compromised food habits.

I have (or should I say 'had'?) Diabetes subsequent to 
ischemic stroke in May 2012, since then I was on 
2 tablets for diabetes.

Before joining FFD on 4 March 18, my 
HBA1C in first week of February was 10.8.

I was told about FFD by a very close friend who has gone through 
it in intensive batch 38. However, I did not take it very seriously 
thinking that with my professional lifestyle
it will be very difficult to manage.

But I was destined to be a part of FFD and I accompanied my 
wife to the basic program in Thane on Sunday, 25th February 2018. 
I was convinced by the theoretical basis of what Dr. 
Tripathi discussed and decided to go for it.

I started smoothie and gave up milk products from the next day! 
And enrolled for Intensive batch 39 and started full-fledged diet 
and monitoring through the app from 04 March 2018
I decided to follow it religiously….

Much to my amazement, today on 14 May 2018 Dr. Ritikanth 
advised me to stop my medicine

 I saw the prescribed Rx and it said "No Medicine ...You are free now ...
I have also dropped 12 kgs weight since 4 March 18. I feel much lighter, 
more energetic, younger and healthier!

I am fully aware that this is just the beginning. I still have lot to 
achieve complete healthy life.

Nevertheless, I want to heartily thank Dr. Pramod Tripathi and 
the entire FFD team.....especially my reporting doctor Dr. Ritikant, 
my mentor Mr. Sanjeev and my favourite Dr. Malhar.

This is a big achievement for me. Since, long I was getting very 
frustrated because of diabetics and my stroke effect on my leg
Life was affected to a great extent and there were lot of 
limitations due to this.

However, diabetes reversal was unthinkable concept for me 
as someone associated with modern medicine....
But it is now changed.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD team, I will be indebted 
to you forever!!

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Insightful video of the day!

ACUPRESSURE is an alternative medicine technique. 
It is based on the concept of life energy which flows 
through "meridians" in the body.

Dr Pramod Tripathi is demonstrating the signature Freedom 
From Diabetes Acupressure Tapping Exercise to the audience. 

Physical pressure is applied to various points with the aim 
of clearing blockages in the meridians.

 For viewing click at

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Amazing Freedom from Diabetes Story!


The ultimate program for freedom from diabetes, 
healing, and health!!

A week’s stay at The Hidden Oasis, 
about 45 kms off Pune, has changed the life’s of many...

Here is Dr Dilip Jaiswal from thane, a diabetic since 20 years
sharing his transformational experience at TRP and how 
he got free of medicines in just 4 days

Listen to him at:

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Healthy RECIPE OF THE DAY- Barley Dosa!

Have you tried BARLEY DOSA?

Barley dosa and green chutney looks tempting, yumm!!!.
Try this recipe and share your feedback with us.

Soaked barley 1 cup
Ajwain ¼ tsp
Dhania powder – ½ tsp
Jeera powder –1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder- ½ tsp
Rock Salt
Grind soaked barley with 1-1 ½ cup of water to make a 
smooth batter. Add all other ingredients and mix well. 
Make dosas on the oiled tawa.


1 Cup Coriander Leaves
¼ Cup Mint Leaves
3-4 Green Chilly
Rock Salt
½ Tsp Lemon Juice
Roasted Jeera Powder
Grind everything together with little water.
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आजकी पाक कृती
बार्ले डोसा

भिगी हुई बार्ले 1 कप
अजवाइन ¼ छोटा चम्मच
धानिया पाउडर - ½ छोटा चम्मच
जीरा पाउडर -1/2 छोटा चम्मच
लाल मिर्च पाउडर- ½ छोटा चम्मच
सेंधा नमक

भिगोई हुई बार्ले को १-१ १/२ कप पानी के साथ पीस ले. 
अन्य सभी सामग्री मिला दे. तवे पर तेल लगाकर, डोसा बनाए.

हरी चटनी
1 कप धनिया पत्तियां
¼ कप पुदीना के पत्ते
3-4 हरी मिर्च
सेंधा नमक
½ टीस्पून नींबू का रस
भुना हुआ जीरा पाउडर

थोड़ा पानी डालके सभी सामग्री के साथ पीस लें।

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Healthy & Yummy: Chickpeas & olive salad recipe!

A delicious combination of flavors, Olive Chickpea Salad 
with a flavorful light dressings. 

Try this recipe and share your feedback with us.

2 cups cooked chickpeas
1 cucumber, seeds scooped out and cut into medium size pieces
2 tomatoes, deseeded and cut into medium cubes
1 onion finely chopped
3 tbsp chopped parsley
½ cup pitted black olives

1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp olive oil
2 garlic cloves crushed
1/8 tsp stevia powder

In a bowl, mix chickpeas, chopped cucumber, chopped tomatoes, 
olives, onion, parsley, salt and pepper.

Put all dressing ingredients in a small jar and shake well. 
Pour over the salad and toss lightly to combine.
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आजकी पाक कृती

2 कप उबले हुए काबुली चना
1 ककड़ी, बीज निकाल देना और मध्यम आकार के टुकड़ों में काटा हुआ
2 टमाटर, बीज निकालके और मध्यम cubes में काटा हुआ
बारीक कटा हुआ 1 प्याज
3बड़ा चम्मच कटा हुआ पार्सली
½ कप black olives

1 बड़ा चम्मच नींबू का रस
2 बड़ा चम्मच olive oil
2 लहसुन लौंग crushed
1/8 छोटा चम्मच स्टेविया पाउडर

एक कटोरे में, काबुली चना, कटे हुए ककड़ी, कटा हुआ टमाटर, olives, 
प्याज, अजमोद, नमक और काली मिर्च मिलाएं।
एक छोटे जार में सभी ड्रेसिंग सामग्री रखो और अच्छी तरह से हिलाओ। 
सलाद पर डालो और हल्के से टॉस करे।

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Friday fitness session!


After following the first phase targeting fat loss and sugar burning many 
of us have reached our ideal weight or are even underweight for our height.

Friends and well wishers tell us we are looking weak and run down. 
While the truth is many of us appear to have higher energy 
levels than we have ever had before!

To gain healthy weight is a challenge as many of our bodies have a 
default setting to convert excess calories into fat and store 
in the stomach region.

The key is to train the body to build muscle and store energy there.

The second phase targeting weight gain will lead to slow and steady 
“healthy” weight gain.

Starting to increase the number of calories, combined with specific 
exercise input in important. It is essential that our body get the 
signal to build the right tissue which is muscle and not fat.

We must ensure the body gets more calories than it needs using 
which it can build muscle.

Follow the rules given below:

#1) Gym/resistance bands for 45 minutes three times a week 
is most important.

#2) Reduce cardio exercise – staircase climbing, running walking, 
cycling and swimming to less than 100 minutes per week.

#3) Increase nuts and oils at different times in the day.

#4) Increase protein intake especially post workout and before sleeping.

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The FreedomFrom Diabetes website 

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Freedom story of the day!

Sharing an amazing freedom story

My name is Avinash Choukate, age 46 yrs from Kothrud, Pune
I am a Mechanical Engineer, working in an automobile company.

When I joined 39th intensive batch  my HBa1c was 9
I was taking medicine 2 tablets of Glycomet 250 since last 8 months. 
I am diabetic from last 7 years & during this period I tried 
homeopathy & ayurvedic treatment as I wanted to follow holistic 
path & not pure allopathy. BUT IT DIDN'T WORK!

At last one homeopathy doctor from Ahmednagar suggested me 
to join Dr Pramod Tripathi's FFD program. On 3rd of March I joined 
39 batch & today I am overhelmed to declare that I am free from 
medicine. Actually words are very short to express my feelings.

Before joining the program, my weight was 78 kg & as of today, 
I have reduced 3.5 kg. Sincerely thankful to Dr Pramod Tripathi Sir, 
Dr Manishaji, Mentor Satishji & FFD team for encouraging, 
guidance & support.

I know I have just passed one step & there is much more to do further. 
But I am confident to go ahead with the support of entire FFD team. 

Thanks again!
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More details and next program registration on
The Freedom From Diabetes website…
Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760
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आजची मुक्ती कथा
मेरा नाम अविनाश चौकटे, उम्र 46 वर्ष कोथरुड, पुणे से। मैं एक मैकेनिकल इंजीनियर हूँ, और  एक ऑटोमोबाइल कंपनी में काम कर रहा हूँ।

जब मैं Intensive बैच 39  में शामिल हुआ तो मेरा HBA1C - 9 था। मैं पिछले 8 महीनों से ग्लाइकोमेट 250 के 2 टेब्लेट ले रहा था। मैं पिछले 7 सालों से मधुमेही हूँ और इस अवधि के दौरान मैंने होमिओपैथी और आयुर्वेदिक उपचार की कोशिश की क्योंकि मैं होलिस्टिक पथ का पालन करना चाहता हूँ, ॲलोपॅथी नहीं

लेकिन इससे  काम नहीं बना। आखिरमें  अहमदनगर के एक होमिओपैथी डॉक्टर ने मुझे डॉ. प्रमोद त्रिपाठी के FFD कार्यक्रम में शामिल होने का सुझाव दिया।

3 मार्च को मैं 39 बैच में शामिल हो गया और आज मैं यह घोषणा करने के लिए अभिभूत हूँ कि मैं दवा से मुक्त हूँ। दरअसल शब्द मेरी भावनाओं को व्यक्त करने के लिए बहुत कम हैं।

कार्यक्रम में शामिल होने से पहले, मेरा वजन 78 किलो था और अब मेरा वजन  3.5 किलोसे कम हो गया।

डॉ. प्रमोद त्रिपाठी महोदय, डॉ. मनिषाजी, सलाहकार सतीशजी और सभी FFD टीम को प्रोत्साहित करने, मार्गदर्शन और समर्थन के लिए आभारी हूँ।

मुझे पता है कि मैंने मुक्ति की ओर एक कदम बढ़ाया है। लेकिन अब आत्मविश्वास बढ़ गया है, क्योंकि FFD की पूरी टीम साथ है। एक बार फिर धन्यवाद।