Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Amazing Weight Loss Story: 24 Kgs in just 4 months!

Is it true? 24 KG WEIGHT LOST IN 4 MONTHS?

Yes! Read VERY SPECIAL FREEDOM STORY in her own words:

Hello, myself Suvarna Tate from Thane, age 37 years
diabetic since last 13 years. I was taking 5 tablets in a day.

I came to know about Freedom From Diabetes from one 
of our friend. We attended basic program in Thane.

After attending the program, I started following the FFD diet and exercise. 
Then on 17th March, I attended Foundation Program in Pune 
and enrolled for Intensive Batch 39.

During the second phase of Intensive, I started intermittent 
fasting and juice feasting. I am pleased to share that I have 
successfully completed 86 hours of fastingI am feeling light, 
energetic, satisfied and very happy. During fasting, I had done 
jogging, walking, strength exercise and also shaking and tapping.

Also, I like to share that 22 days back, 
I had done 62 hrs fasting.

On 25th Jan, I was 92 Kg and today I am 68.2 Kg
Also, my 4 tablets have been stopped and an sure that 
my 5th tablet will also be stopped soon.

I would really like to thank Dr Pramodji, Vasudhaji, Dr Monikaji, 
Shridharji, Dr Malharji and entire FFD team for all their advice, 
support and guidance, without them, it would not have been 
possible to achieve these spectacular results.

Thanks & Regards,
Suvarna Tate, Thane. India
For any guidance, you can give a Call: 7718888965
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More details and next program registration on 
The FreedomFrom Diabetes website

Contact: Dr. Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760
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