Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Freedom story of the day!

My name is Nitin Nandurkar from Thane
I am an Aircraft Engineer by profession. I work for an 
International airline - Saudi Arabian Airlines at Mumbai. 
Being in such profession where continuously work 
in odd hours with compromised food habits.

I have (or should I say 'had'?) Diabetes subsequent to 
ischemic stroke in May 2012, since then I was on 
2 tablets for diabetes.

Before joining FFD on 4 March 18, my 
HBA1C in first week of February was 10.8.

I was told about FFD by a very close friend who has gone through 
it in intensive batch 38. However, I did not take it very seriously 
thinking that with my professional lifestyle
it will be very difficult to manage.

But I was destined to be a part of FFD and I accompanied my 
wife to the basic program in Thane on Sunday, 25th February 2018. 
I was convinced by the theoretical basis of what Dr. 
Tripathi discussed and decided to go for it.

I started smoothie and gave up milk products from the next day! 
And enrolled for Intensive batch 39 and started full-fledged diet 
and monitoring through the app from 04 March 2018
I decided to follow it religiously….

Much to my amazement, today on 14 May 2018 Dr. Ritikanth 
advised me to stop my medicine

 I saw the prescribed Rx and it said "No Medicine ...You are free now ...
I have also dropped 12 kgs weight since 4 March 18. I feel much lighter, 
more energetic, younger and healthier!

I am fully aware that this is just the beginning. I still have lot to 
achieve complete healthy life.

Nevertheless, I want to heartily thank Dr. Pramod Tripathi and 
the entire FFD team.....especially my reporting doctor Dr. Ritikant, 
my mentor Mr. Sanjeev and my favourite Dr. Malhar.

This is a big achievement for me. Since, long I was getting very 
frustrated because of diabetics and my stroke effect on my leg
Life was affected to a great extent and there were lot of 
limitations due to this.

However, diabetes reversal was unthinkable concept for me 
as someone associated with modern medicine....
But it is now changed.

Dr. Pramod Tripathi and FFD team, I will be indebted 
to you forever!!

- - -

More details and next program registration on 
The Freedom From Diabetes website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760
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