Thursday, 3 May 2018


Metabolic Equivalents also known as "MET Equivalents"

One of the best ways to measure exercise intensity is to calculate 
the amount of oxygen the body consumes per kilogram of body 
weight per minute of rest/exercise.

The standard value at rest is 3.5ml of oxygen/kg/minute is referred 
to as 1 MET.  Hence any activity that is twice the resting metabolic 
rate is classified as 2 MET’s.

The idea is that any exercise we want to do should have a MET 
in the 5-6 range for a reasonable period of time.

Finding the right intensity is critical.  Scientists have now 
confirmed that the highest exercise intensity that barely 
allows you to talk while doing is the right intensity. This means 
that if you are just out of breath it is the right intensity.

Some popular activities and their MET’s are given below.

1) Walking : Slow speed (3-5 km per hour) – 2.5 MET
Brisk Walking ( 6-8 km per hour) - 5-6 MET
2) Running : Slow- medium – 6-9 MET
3) Running  Fast-Sprinting - 15-20 MET
4) Staircase climbing (UP) – 9-12 MET
(DOWN) – 4.5 MET
5) Swimming : 10-15 MET

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