Thursday, 17 May 2018

Friday fitness session!


After following the first phase targeting fat loss and sugar burning many 
of us have reached our ideal weight or are even underweight for our height.

Friends and well wishers tell us we are looking weak and run down. 
While the truth is many of us appear to have higher energy 
levels than we have ever had before!

To gain healthy weight is a challenge as many of our bodies have a 
default setting to convert excess calories into fat and store 
in the stomach region.

The key is to train the body to build muscle and store energy there.

The second phase targeting weight gain will lead to slow and steady 
“healthy” weight gain.

Starting to increase the number of calories, combined with specific 
exercise input in important. It is essential that our body get the 
signal to build the right tissue which is muscle and not fat.

We must ensure the body gets more calories than it needs using 
which it can build muscle.

Follow the rules given below:

#1) Gym/resistance bands for 45 minutes three times a week 
is most important.

#2) Reduce cardio exercise – staircase climbing, running walking, 
cycling and swimming to less than 100 minutes per week.

#3) Increase nuts and oils at different times in the day.

#4) Increase protein intake especially post workout and before sleeping.

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