Friday, 11 May 2018

FRIDAY SESSION- Lymphatic and Dry rubbing

Que: What is Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is the circulatory system of our immune 
system. We have more lymphatic fluid in our bodies than blood 
and more miles of lymphatic ducts than blood vessels.

Lymph fluid is a colorless, watery fluid that contains plasma 
and white blood cells.

This efficient system sweeps toxins from around our cells, 
filter out germs, and , in cleaning our blood, ensures that toxic 
substance reach the liver for cleansing and then exit to kidneys 
for elimination.

Que: How to improve your Lymphatic Health?

The secrets to optimum lymphatic health are keeping the fluid 
moving and keeping your lymph ducts open.

You can move the lymph through the following activities, 
sharing the some activities here:

1) Dry skin rubbing: This is a swift, powerful and easy way to 
help the natural detox process by moving lymph and 
improving circulation.

2) Exercise: Exercise is a good for lymph because the 
contraction of muscles moves lymph fluid through its 
vessels and into the nodes.

3) Repetitive deep breathing: The lungs actually act as a bellows 
mechanism, stimulating the fluid to move upwards toward the neck
The simple act  of a full inhalation and exhalation creates a dramatic 
pressure within the chest cavity that amplifies the bellows effect to 
promote strong lymph flow.

4) Massage: The friction of some forms of deep tissue massage 
that focus on the lymph areas of neck , chest, groin and abdomen 
actually pushes lymph.

Today sharing dry skin rubbing and Lymphatic massage technique,
For viewing, click on the following video.

Instead of using brush, you can use towel for rubbing your body.
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