Thursday, 28 June 2018

Is it possible to reverse diabetes?

Is it possible to reverse diabetes? 

Yes Read what Rajendra from Mumbai says: FREEDOM FROM 4 YEARS OF  INSULIN!

“Hello, myself Rajendra Bora from Mumbai, age 68 years. I have been diabetic since 1995. 

I was on 4 tablets in a day and taking 20 units of Insulin from last 4 years .

I entered the TRANSCENDENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM with a scepticism, unable to believe that I can get rid of medication of Diabetes. But, I was surprised on very 2nd day, I was asked to stop insulin and keep aside the medicines that I had bought. 

I thought this was temporary to check the effect after stopping the medicines. With the diet plan followed in the TRP, surprisingly, my sugar readings were in the limits. 

The Dietary plan given, has proved to be very effective. Additional physical and metaphysical training, simultaneously improve the physical and mental condition. 

Even for the entire time in the TRP, I was asked to stop all the medicines. I was taking for cardiac ailments except one. That was an added bonus.

I am deeply grateful for the support of entire FFD team”.
More details and next program registration on @The The Freedom From Diabetes​  website 

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi​ office 7776077760

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