Thursday, 19 July 2018

Nitric oxide and and how it can be released from the body


Let's first understand what is Nitric oxide and and how it can be released from the body.


Nitric Oxide Dump allows your body to increase nitric oxide (NO) production, since your levels of it decrease with age.

NO is a type of gas that's deposited and stored in the lining of the blood vessels throughout the body and is released when needed.

There are many exercises that can be used help to release nitric oxide. Here, are some exercise form done by Dr Mercola.
It also serves as a great anti gravity exercise IN PLACE of STAIR CLIMBING and we've been using it extensively in the RESIDENTIAL and INTENSIVE program with very positive feedback from participants!

More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website or contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

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