Thursday, 20 September 2018

Beej Mantra Chanting @ MUKTOTSAV 2017

Muktotsav is the festival of freedom. 

Freedom from blocks within the body-mind-soul. 

Freedom from self-limiting beliefs, freedom from stress and of course, Freedom from Diabetes!

A Beej Mantra is the shortest form of a Mantra just like a beej (seed) which when sown grows into a tree and frees up the energy circulation deep within.
On 12th November 2017, an audience of more than 1500 people experienced a deep sense of flow and connection within their mind and body chanting Beej Mantras with Dr. Pramod Tripathi. 
Watch the entire session and relive the experience here...   

This year some interesting and different experiences are planned for MUKTOTSAV 2018, on 29 September.  At PUNE

Do join in for a FREEDOM EXPERIENCE that will energize you for months and years to come...

Click on the link below and register soon...

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