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14 Years Diabetic Cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test

FREEDOM STORY: 14 Years Diabetic Cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test GTT!

Hello, Myself Sanjeev Nimbkar, age 52 years from Mumbai. I am working with Insight Business Machines as VP. 

Diabetic Success Story

I was diabetic since the year 2004. 

I am sure my medical journey was very similar to all GTT Champions. i.e. started with an entry-level tablet then sugar levels controlled for time being/levels shoot after some time and then increased the drugs to again control it for short time. This was a vicious circle. I went little beyond this and got into a higher trap i.e. Insulin.

I was very reluctant to move on to insulin not because it was painful, but because anticipating that it is just a newer vicious circle. And in my knowledge insulin is the highest alternative to control the diabetic symptoms. What if I am upgraded gradually to higher levels of insulin dosage and still my diabetes is uncontrollable? This was worrying me a lot throughout my days, used to have sleepless nights. This not only hampered my efficiency at work but also took a toll on my personal / family and social life. However, circumstances reached to such a level that small injuries were not getting healed. I remember, I had a small injury on the bottom of my feet on 19th January 2011 and which was not getting healed till mid-August 2011. I, my all friends along with families had been for 2-3 days outing. They were all enjoying in the swimming pool. I was just watching them having fun and worrying about my foot injury. 

Then one of my friends suggested me to consult diabetic speciality hospital. There I was told that circumstances are so serious that at least for time being we will move onto Insulin. With great reluctance I accepted this and within 15 days from the insulin was started, my all open wounds got healed, sugar levels were absolutely normal. I was very happy that time, thinking that it is just a matter of an injection a day. 

However, very soon this turned out to be a temporary solution. Sugar levels again were shoot. Believe me, the temporary resort became permanent. I was being advised to increase the insulin dosage. It was looking like there is no medical solution. In August 2016 my HBA1C was 12.9. Being a regular marathoner for 2 years by then, besides such heavy medication circumstances were so bad.

In August 2016, one of our family friends suggested about Freedom From Diabetes. I attended the Basic lecture in Pune on 19th October 2016, met doctors next day and got to know the road-map to quit insulin and then tablets subsequently. 
Strictly following the instructions, just within 27 days I got freedom from insulin and was back onto tablets. 
This reverse journey gave me great confidence, inspiration, happiness and courage to combat. Kept on reducing my medicine intake as per FFD’s guidance. In April 2017 I attended TRANSCENDENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM (TRP) at Pune. This was extremely insightful event. Got to learn the best of the lifestyle. 

Believe me this was a life changing event for me. I became medicine free during this camp.  Moreover, I got freedom from even other medicines like Blood Pressure & Cholesterol tablets. My energy levels are very high compared to earlier days. 

Post that I kept practising all the best practices that were learnt. Antigravity exercise has become part of my regular life. Wherever I am, whether on tour/customer visits/holidays I ensure that I take that exercise. Some of my regular visit places are of high-level security nature. Even at such places, I have been practising such discipline.

I really do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards FFD’s contribution in my life. I am sure all those who have passed GTT carry the same feelings. This year I have been enjoying all the seasonal fruits and recently started enjoying several sweets, which meets FFD criteria. One fact I must agree, Diabetes made me much disciplined, insightful & improved my lifestyle. This journey for me was amazingly joyful.

LIFE IS SWEET AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS to all GTT / IGT Champions…. GOOD LUCK to all on the road-map to achieve the true freedom.

Thanks & God bless you all.
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