Sunday, 28 October 2018

Enjoy the mouth-watering stuffed Eggplant - Brinjals


Enjoy the mouth-watering stuffed Brinjals (eggplant) as a main course item with your loved ones!


10 Small round violet Brinjals (Tender) 
½ Cup Coconut (Grated) 
4 Tbsp Bengal Gram Dal 
2 Tbsp Udad Dal (Skinned) 
8 Dry Red Chillies 
¼ Tsp Fenugreek Seeds 
½ Tsp Cumin Seeds 
½ Tsp Mustard Seeds 
½ Tsp Tamarind Paste 
¼ Tsp Stevia Powder 
3 Tbsp Oil 
Salt to taste 
1 Tsp Turmeric Powder 
Curry Leaves 

Wash and slit Brinjals. Remove the tops. Put the Brinjals in salted water. Fry coconut, Bengal gram dal, udad dal, red chillies, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, and mustard seeds in a little oil. Grind the fried mixture with tamarind, stevia powder, and salt to a fine paste. Add a little water at the time of grinding. Stuff this masala in Brinjals. (Reserve any leftover masala) Heat oil in a thick kadhai. 
Put mustard seeds in oil and, when they splutter, add curry leaves and turmeric powder. Place all the stuffed Brinjals one by one in the pan. Cover and cook for 5-6 mins. Now turn the Brinjals. Add water to the remaining masala (if any) and mix well. Pour the masala on the Brinjals and mix well. Do not cover. Cook until done. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Final Reminder for Basic Program in Navi Mumbai and Thane


FREEDOM FROM DIABETES unique BASIC PROGRAM is scheduled in Navi Mumbai & Thane on 28 October 2018.

⭐ A proven, scientifically researched, holistic approach to better health.
⭐ 6000+ Diabetics already free from Medicine & Insulin.
⭐ Also helps to reduce weight, reduce or stop cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid medications, stress management & improve overall fitness and well-being.


Sunday, 28 October 2018. Time: 10 am to 12 noon
Venue: Sahitya Mandir, Plot No 26, Vashi, Navi, Mumbai-400703, Sector 6,
Near Sacred heart High School.
Speaker: Dr Smita Inamdar & Dr Kiran Vaswani


SUNDAY, 28 October 2018. Time: 5 pm to 7 pm
Venue: Panini Sabhagriha, VPM's Thane college campus, Nr. Cidco Bus Stop, Chendani Thane West.
Speaker: Dr Smita Inamdar

Charges: ₹ 1200/- For Diabetic/ Primary participant. ₹ 600/- For accompanying the IMMEDIATE family member.

For Registration:
Or Call 7776077760

Friday, 26 October 2018

Why everyone should attend this seven days TRP?


  1. 2 times cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
  2. Lost 12 kg weight in 5 months.

Hello, my name is Malathy Nair, age 64 years from Mumbai. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017.

On joining FFD, the next day itself my allopathic tablet stopped. The 7 days experience with Dr. Pramod Tripathi and Team was really a special learning for me. I could gain not only about diabetic treatment but also about daily diet, yoga, exercise, dance, a wonderful awareness of life's various disciplines. I was thinking that I should have joined FFD much earlier. I recommend FFD not only for diabetics, but for every single individual who wants to live a beautiful and healthy life.

I feel everyone should at least once attend this 7 days programme to experience a dazzling experience of change in their lives and health conditions. 

After I was off from my diabetes tablets, I felt like I was never a diabetic in my life. I have also passed GTT. I reduced 12 kg weight, no BP, no cholesterol, no problems!

I continued smoothie and my diabetes never come back. I ate lots of mangoes, jackfruit, sometimes ice-cream, cake, sweet, toffee, payasam (kheer), etc.

Now again for the 2nd time I have cleared the GTT. Today at 64, I feel as energetic as my 40s. I suggest and request everyone to please attend the wonderful 7 days FFD course for your own benefit!!

While returning from Hidden Oasis, I can feel it that I have changed a lot over time. Mentally and spiritually also. My mind is very cool and calm now, my attitude has changed and I am completely stress free!!

For any guidance Contact: 9987632205  Email:
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes  website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Diabetes free Mumbai: Oct 27: Dadar and Vile Parle

FREEDOM FROM DIABETES unique BASIC PROGRAM is scheduled in Mumbai on 27th October

A proven, scientifically researched, holistic approach to better health
6500+ Diabetics already Free from Medicine & Insulin.

Also helps to reduce weight, reduce or stop cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid medications, stress management & improve overall fitness and well-being!


Saturday 27th October 2018
Venue: Ravindra Natya Mandir, PL Deshpande Auditorium,
Near Siddhivinayak Temple, Sayani road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, 400025 (Dadar)
Time: 10 am to 12 noon


Saturday 27th October 2018
Venue: CKP Hall, Tejpal Scheme Road 4, Opp Sadhana Housing Society,
Vile Parle (E), Mumbai - 400057
Time: 5 pm to 7 pm


OR Call +91 77760 77760

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Walnuts reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes in adults

INSIGHTFUL INFORMATION: Walnuts are part of the tree nut family!

They have the property of high antioxidant content leading to improving the blood vessel function and fight with the radicals. 

They provide variety of health benefits and reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes in adults.

They are rich source of protein, vitamin E, as well as minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, chromium, and zinc.

 1⃣ Walnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants that can help fight oxidative damage in your body, including damage due to “bad” LDL cholesterol, which promotes atherosclerosis.

2⃣ Walnuts are a good source of the plant form of omega-3 fat, which may help reduce heart disease risk.

3⃣ The polyphenols in walnuts may reduce your risk of certain cancers, including breast, prostate and colorectal cancers.

4⃣ Eating walnuts may help control type 2 diabetes and reduce your risk of the disease, as it contains chromium.

5⃣ Walnuts contain nutrients that may help protect your brain from damaging inflammation and support good brain function as you age.

6⃣ It also boosts bone health. They increase calcium absorption and deposition while reducing urinary calcium excretion.

1⃣ Diabetics can have 2 walnuts or 4 halves in a day
2⃣ Ensure you soak them in water for at least 2 hours before consuming them. Please throw the water away
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website
Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Watch 125 celebrating their freedom from diabetes


Muktotsav; a celebration of Freedom! Freedom From Diabetes..!

This year we held the Muktotsav on 29 September 2018, at Pune; with over 1,500 people witnessing the event live..! 

Freedom From Diabetes welcomes you to witness the celebration of freedom at Muktotsav 2018!

Celebrating the victory of our 125 champions who cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test (IGT).

A big congratulations to those who cleared the tests and Best Of Luck for those who are lined up for next year!

The Freedom From Diabetes … Life will be sweet again! Watch the VIDEO containing glimpse 
More details and next program registration on website 
Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

Monday, 22 October 2018

Disease until I die? - Wrong says Atul Velankar


My name is Atul Velankar, age 46 years.  I am from Mumbai. I had diabetes since 12+ years. Before joining FFD, I used to take 3 tablets and 38 units of Insulin. 

I surprisingly became free in flat 19 days. 

Freedom from Diabetes

I was weighing over 75 Kgs which has now reduced to 58 Kgs. 

Most important change is NOT the "freedom from Diabetes". But freedom from "FEAR OF DIABETES".

Every doctor I met in the past was resoundingly talking about "disease until I die" and consistent increase in medicines. 

Now, I know that diabetes is not going to go away and always will be around the corner. Perhaps I have done lot of injustice to my body and mind, and diabetes is indeed a result of it. 

It would be naive to think, it has gone away in 3 weeks. However, I also know how to keep it off even if it comes back pushing. The most important difference is, I am no more afraid of it coming back.I know now, how to push it away even if it does come back.

FFD is a strict regime, and I actually left my sales job, which made me travel all across India and South East Asia, work 18 hours a day with no timing for sleep, and food was my everyday schedule, but I went the FFD way and that is where the changes started happening and that though is few days.

I got another job of course after 3 months, but that was worth. I have now bought at least 10-15 years of healthy life at cost of 3 months of job and also a weapon to keep diabetes monster away. (FFD regime).

It is no secret that you can control diabetes. However, lot of people come to you recommending you about "what to eat - what not to eat, which exercise is good etc." However, they do not give conviction through proper reasoning.

FFD told me proper reasoning of how my body behaves and if there is any recommendation on what to-do and not to do; it always came with reasoning (and how Dr. Tripathi and his team came to that conclusion of recommendation). Which also allows me to "experiment" on my body (which I am doing now a lot and not afraid of occasional sugar level increase at all due to that)!

Now, that's what I call as freedom. It is not about "can I eat normal (?) food again" . It is now about... "I know how certain type of food, and I now also know how to put wrong away even if I consume".

I have graduated to my understanding and my own rule through experiments that - If you eat anything (read sugar) today; just consume/drain it out from body today! No residing extra sugar when you go to sleep in the night. If you follow that - you are balanced.

If you know you can work it out today.. eat it out now.. If you know you can't work it out... just don't eat! Simple... Isn't it?

I thank the entire FFD team to educate me about my own body and guiding me with the right way to maintain myself..! In the month of September, I appeared for the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and am very happy to share that I have cleared it.

For any guidance contact 9819218645

More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes​website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi​  office 7776077760

Friday, 19 October 2018

Diabetics free in 15 days - 'Acche din'

Freedom Story: Freedom Leap in FIFTEEN DAYS!
Hello, I am Kalpana Dharamadhikari, age 65 years. I live in Pune. I was diabetic since 2001.

Once a diabetic, forever one! This was the story of my life since 2001, for 16 long years. Daily tablets, diet and sugar readings, which were never, low enough.

My 'acche din' started when I joined the FFD Transcendental Residential Programme in September 2017. 

Nothing short of a miracle happened when tablets, which I had been taking for 16 years, were completely stopped in 15 days. It was a moment of intense joy and disbelief, something that I will never forget.

This has been possible only because of the invaluable guidance of Dr. Pramod Tripathi and Dr. Smita Inamdar. My dramatic transformation did not stop at this; I lost 10kg weight without loss of energy and stamina. I came down from 65 kg to 55 kg. I lost weight and gained good health and a feeling of wellness. I have never felt so healthy before and diabetes has become a thing of the past.

I share my happy story with all the people I meet and never tire of telling people that diabetes is curable and there is life beyond it. 

I have taken the message of FFD with me even to USA where I talked to people about my amazing journey towards freedom from diabetes.

I am extremely grateful to the entire team of FFD because of whom this leap into good health was possible. I am also very happy to share that I have cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test in the month of September.

For any guidance contact: 9881023760
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Fifteen Hundred people celebrating freedom from diabetes at Muktotsav 2018

MUKTOTSAV 2018 was the 4th successful yearly event by FFD with a guest list of 1500+ guests


It was an event with some added colours of a Dance performance by Guru Shama Bhate troupe

Launch of FFD's FREE APP, and a NEW BOOK with mouthwatering delicious recipes, along with some more interesting activities and secrets of Diabetes Reversal by Dr Pramod Tripathi.

So here is another chance for those who have missed all the action of The Freedom From Diabetes Muktotsav 2018. 
Click on the video to experience the vibes of Muktotsav 2018..!

More details and next program registration on website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760


Friday, 12 October 2018




Learnt something very interesting from Ram of TRP 44. The examples are likely to strike a chord in your heart and create a stir within...

Example- Ice to Water to Steam and vice versa
Example- Caterpillar to butterfly

• If you had reduced 5 / 10 kg and gained it back OR had drop in sugars/ hba1c/ medications and gained them back, then know that you had just undergone a change
• If you have shifted your weight, sugars, hba1c, medications, confidence, positivity for good. If you are running marathons, climbing mountains, which you could not earlier. If some of your habits have changed permanently, then know that you have undergone a transformation!

After coming in touch with FFD have you undergone a change or a transformation?

Reflect and share.
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Navratri DIET plan for diabetics

NAVRATRI - Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) WAY!

This Navratri plan to clean up your system physically, mentally and spiritually!

You can choose from any of the following options as is possible for you...

1⃣ Go on a complete water fast
2⃣ Do alternate days juice feasting and water fasting.
3⃣ Juice feast on all days.
4⃣ Do alternate days juice feasting and intermittent fasting. (1 or 2 meals per day)
5⃣ Do intermittent fasting on all days (1 or 2 meals per day)

Permissible items on water fast days or in between meals on intermittent fasting days:

➡ Water with sabja or chia seeds (your is the biggest support and the strongest strategy to make fasting successful)
➡ Cinnamon Tea or any Herbal Tea. 
➡ Green or Black Tea ☕ 
➡ Kokam, Tamarind Saar (Imli/ tamarind/ chinch saar with stevia, jeera (cumin seeds) and salt)
➡ Lemon sherbat with stevia  🍸
➡ Black Coffee or Coffee with coconut milk or coconut oil
➡ Soaked almonds, walnuts and seeds.

Besides the above ...
Some Upwaas Items Suitable For These Days Are...

👉🏻 Kuttu (buckwheat / fafad)
👉🏻 Singhada (water chestnut) 
👉🏻 Rajgira (amaranth)  
👉🏻 Unhusked warai (Proso Millet) is a millet (refined warai i.e. bhagar hikes sugars greatly, so avoid)
👉🏻 Upwaas thalipeeth of rajgira/ kuttu/ warai millet can be made with grated cucumber in it
👉🏻 Barley khichadi tastes like Sabudana khichadi
REMEMBER TO USE ONLY ONE PSUEDOGRAIN AT A TIME. Sugars can shoot if quantities are high by increasing the glycaemic load. 
👉🏻 Sweet Potato can be had around 100g per day in grated form or in cutlets. It has great nutritive value. 
👉🏻 Makhana snacks, kheer in coconut milk with stevia as sweetener. 
👉🏻 Shingada sheera: with almond milk/ coconut milk, date paste and cardamom powder can be made.....If no medicines and fasting sugars are 100 or below. IF SUGARS ARE HIGH AVOID DATES TOTALLY
👉🏻 Groundnut Amti: with little tamarind and ginger + Proso millet with dry tadaka (of  jeera, green chilli) can be had OR plain rice made of proso millet + 1 bowl cut pieces of cucumber or kakdichi koshimbir
👉🏻 Kavath chutney (wood apple)/ Sweet and savoury juice of kavath/  Bel/ Tadgola (Ice apple) allowed
👉🏻 Coconut milk: 60 ml if thin and 30 ml if thick, per day or 2 tablespoon (tbsp) of scraped coconut is allowed per day or 1/4 of a medium sized fresh coconut. Tender coconut water allowed. 
👉🏻 Soaked Nuts: 20-25 groundnut OR 10 almonds OR 5 whole walnuts can be had in a day (if not having nuts in any other form)
👉🏻 Fruits: If sugars are stable with zero or less medicines. Quantity 3-4 per day.
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes  website 

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760

Monday, 8 October 2018

Meet a diabetic, since 2008, how he cleared cleared GTT three times

Freedom Story: 3 Times Cleared Glucose Tolerance Test!

Hello, myself Bandappa Vagdargi from Pune, age 60 years. I was diabetic since 2008.

I joined Intensive Batch 31 in the month of March 2016. And started following FFD Diet and Exercise Protocol. Within 3 months, my medications were stopped completely. 

From last 3 years, I am free from all the medications. My energy levels are high and feel very good. Freedom From Diabetes teaches you the change in lifestyle and helps you in adopting it.

I also, like to share that 3 times, I have cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). Big thanks to Dr Pramod Tripathi and complete FFD Team.

For any guidance contact: 9423558909
More details and next program registration on The The Freedom From Diabetes website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760


Saturday, 6 October 2018

Diabetes medication stopped in five days

Transcendental Residential Program - Batch 44: Day 5 Updates

With proper Diet and Exercise, their medication has stopped in 5 days!

1. Rekha Shete from Nagpur, Maharashtra
2. Devjibhai Kakadia from Mumbai, Maharashtra
3. Iffat Khan from Mumbai, Maharashtra

4. Jasbir Kaur from Hoshiyarpur  Punjab
5. Naresh Sahitya from Ahmedabad, Gujarat 
6. Omprakash Mighlan from Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

7. Sheela Gupta from Pune, Maharashtra
8. Swati Shah from Mumbai, Maharashtra
9. Vajubhai Patel from Mumbai, Maharashtra

10. Vilas Toney from Navsari, Gujarat
11. Vishal Varude from Pune, Maharashtra
12. Vishvajit Naik from Nanded, Maharashtra

13. Ashok Gupta from Pune, Maharashtra
14. Vasant Nalawade from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Sincere congratulation to our free-birds.
It is tremendous achievement to fight against the Diabetes.
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760


Friday, 5 October 2018

14 Years Diabetic Cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test

FREEDOM STORY: 14 Years Diabetic Cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test GTT!

Hello, Myself Sanjeev Nimbkar, age 52 years from Mumbai. I am working with Insight Business Machines as VP. 

Diabetic Success Story

I was diabetic since the year 2004. 

I am sure my medical journey was very similar to all GTT Champions. i.e. started with an entry-level tablet then sugar levels controlled for time being/levels shoot after some time and then increased the drugs to again control it for short time. This was a vicious circle. I went little beyond this and got into a higher trap i.e. Insulin.

I was very reluctant to move on to insulin not because it was painful, but because anticipating that it is just a newer vicious circle. And in my knowledge insulin is the highest alternative to control the diabetic symptoms. What if I am upgraded gradually to higher levels of insulin dosage and still my diabetes is uncontrollable? This was worrying me a lot throughout my days, used to have sleepless nights. This not only hampered my efficiency at work but also took a toll on my personal / family and social life. However, circumstances reached to such a level that small injuries were not getting healed. I remember, I had a small injury on the bottom of my feet on 19th January 2011 and which was not getting healed till mid-August 2011. I, my all friends along with families had been for 2-3 days outing. They were all enjoying in the swimming pool. I was just watching them having fun and worrying about my foot injury. 

Then one of my friends suggested me to consult diabetic speciality hospital. There I was told that circumstances are so serious that at least for time being we will move onto Insulin. With great reluctance I accepted this and within 15 days from the insulin was started, my all open wounds got healed, sugar levels were absolutely normal. I was very happy that time, thinking that it is just a matter of an injection a day. 

However, very soon this turned out to be a temporary solution. Sugar levels again were shoot. Believe me, the temporary resort became permanent. I was being advised to increase the insulin dosage. It was looking like there is no medical solution. In August 2016 my HBA1C was 12.9. Being a regular marathoner for 2 years by then, besides such heavy medication circumstances were so bad.

In August 2016, one of our family friends suggested about Freedom From Diabetes. I attended the Basic lecture in Pune on 19th October 2016, met doctors next day and got to know the road-map to quit insulin and then tablets subsequently. 
Strictly following the instructions, just within 27 days I got freedom from insulin and was back onto tablets. 
This reverse journey gave me great confidence, inspiration, happiness and courage to combat. Kept on reducing my medicine intake as per FFD’s guidance. In April 2017 I attended TRANSCENDENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM (TRP) at Pune. This was extremely insightful event. Got to learn the best of the lifestyle. 

Believe me this was a life changing event for me. I became medicine free during this camp.  Moreover, I got freedom from even other medicines like Blood Pressure & Cholesterol tablets. My energy levels are very high compared to earlier days. 

Post that I kept practising all the best practices that were learnt. Antigravity exercise has become part of my regular life. Wherever I am, whether on tour/customer visits/holidays I ensure that I take that exercise. Some of my regular visit places are of high-level security nature. Even at such places, I have been practising such discipline.

I really do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards FFD’s contribution in my life. I am sure all those who have passed GTT carry the same feelings. This year I have been enjoying all the seasonal fruits and recently started enjoying several sweets, which meets FFD criteria. One fact I must agree, Diabetes made me much disciplined, insightful & improved my lifestyle. This journey for me was amazingly joyful.

LIFE IS SWEET AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS to all GTT / IGT Champions…. GOOD LUCK to all on the road-map to achieve the true freedom.

Thanks & God bless you all.
For Guidance 📞📞 Contact me  9833868320
More details and next program registration on The Freedom From Diabetes website 

Contact: FFD Office 7776077760

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

What is Lymph Walking?


Usually we walk such that, we land with the feet flat on the ground when it lands. 

Instead, allow only the heel to land and keep the toes tightly pulled up when it lands. 

Also when lifting the foot do not lift the entire foot, only lift the heels keeping the toes in touch with the ground a little longer. This will create greater contraction in the calf muscles, which will enable more lymph to flow back to the heart. Please know that the CALVES are also called the SECOND HEART as they do hold and pump lot of blood.

For an actual experience of the difference go through the following steps-
  1. Sit on a chair slightly forward and rest your feet on the ground.
  2. Place your hand on the calf muscle of any one leg (back of the leg) half way between the knee and the ankle.
  3. Raise that leg about 4 inches. Let that leg come down ONLY WITH THE HEEL FIRST and THEN ALLOW THE TOES to touch the ground. Feel the contraction in the calf muscle.
  4. Next keeping your hand on the calf muscle lift that leg 4 inches and this time bring your foot down both heel and toes at the same time. You will notice that there is hardly any contraction in the calf muscle.
  5. Because of the SIGNIFICANT CONTRACTION in the first movement there is correspondingly more movement of lymph towards the heart.
  6. This movement in the Lymph moves impurities faster out of the system.
  7. So try and change your gait and do some minutes of Lymph Walking every day.

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi​, Freedom From Diabetes office 7776077760

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Exclusive App for Diabetics Download FREE

One question we keep asking ourselves is how can we better help you, continuously accelerate your journey of Freedom From Diabetes. 

In this quest to create more and more value for our former, current and future participants, we are proud to present The Freedom From Diabetes App!

Yesterday at MUKTOTSAV it has got formally launched and you can Download your FREE trial App here today!

• Android users get it from Google Playstore

Once you download... Do share in the comments section...What do you think of the App? What other features would you like to see us develop in the future?

NOTE: Current FFD Intensive and FFD TRP participants who are reporting to their respective doctors need not download the App, as it is already installed :)

The Freedom From Diabetes Office: Contact +91 7776077760

Friday, 28 September 2018

What are the THREE QUESTIONS within the heart of most DIABETICS

Three questions

Freedom champions through their results, answer the three prominent QUESTIONS that lie dormant within the heart of most DIABETICS


a) Shivram Lele, 80 YEARS of age, 22 years diabetic, is free of medications and has cleared GTT
b) Kalpana Dharmadhikari - 17 years diabetic, is free of medications and has cleared GTT
c) Subhash Kela - 21 years diabetic, is free of medications and has cleared GTT

a) Atul Velankar, 12 years diabetic, was on INSULIN and MEDICINES, has become free of both and has cleared GTT
b) Sanjeev Nimbkar, 11 years diabetic, was on insulin and medicines, has become free of both and has cleared GTT

a) Rahul Girme, 14 years diabetic, has cleared GTT consecutively every year for last 3 YEARS
b) Madhumita Kothe, 5 years diabetic, has cleared GTT consecutively every year for last 3 YEARS
c) Bandapa Vagdargi, 7 years diabetic, has cleared GTT consecutively every year for last 3 YEARS
d) V Jayaraman, 15 years diabetic, has cleared GTT consecutively every year for last 4 YEARS
Dear Ones, besides the handful names mentioned above, at MUKTOTSAV tomorrow, there will be over 130+ who have reversed diabetes and 2500 SOAKING IN THAT ENERGY!

So, reversing diabetes is possible AND sustainable. Difficulty is just a matter of changing one's mindset and actions

Let go off any LIMITING BELIEFS and JOIN IN THE ENERGIES of SUCH FREEDOM CHAMPIONS and create one's health and life that no more remains a dream... But BECOMES A REALITY!
See you tomorrow... Much love... 

- Dr Ritu Tripathi & Dr Pramod Tripathi

The Freedom From Diabetes
MUKTOTSAV 2018 will feature sharing of Diabetes Reversal Secrets with all, Felicitation of GTT/IGT Pass freedom champions, and a SHANDAAR PROGRAM of dance, music, patakas and dhol...

To book your FREE SEAT send an SMS, Call or WhatsApp 7776077760 or register by clicking 

MUKTOTSAV 2018, 29th September, 5-8 pm, Ganesh Kala Krida, Swargate, Pune. STARTS SHARP 5 PM. Reach before 4:30 pm and join in the songs!!

Sunday, 23 September 2018

At Freedom From Diabetes, our endeavour is to educate, inspire and support diabetics to get rid of the disease and lead a healthy, happy, vibrant life!

The biggest yardstick of diabetes reversal is the GLUCOSE TOLERANCE TEST (GTT). A very difficult test to pass, as it requires taking 15 teaspoons of glucose (75 grams) and still report normal blood sugar. GTT IS THE TRUE LITMUS TEST OF DIABETES REVERSAL.

Every year at MUKTOTSAV, we celebrate and facilitate such Freedom Champions who have successfully conquered GTT.

Watch the video and connect with the ENERGY OF FREEDOM CHAMPIONS. It is sure to ignite a spark within you. And join us at MUKTOTSAV 2018, 29 September, 5-8 pm, Ganesh Kala Krida, Swargate, Pune.

With great pleasure, we invite you to join in this celebration and receive the following takeaways from the event:

1) Get inspired by meeting over 125 individuals who have successfully cleared GTT
2) Learn the Freedom From Diabetes Diet and Exercise Protocol that would set you or your loved ones on the road to freedom
3) Visit carefully curated stalls of our health partners for all things healthy
4) Enjoy an evening of singing, dancing, music and drumming as we felicitate these Freedom Champions!

To register send an SMS, Call or WhatsApp @ 7776077760 or visit

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Annual mega event of Freedom From Diabetes Research Foundation - Sept 29

MUKTOTSAV 2018: The Festival of Freedom - Annual mega event of Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) Research Foundation is here again!


• For those not familiar with FFD, come, learn the entire FFD diet, and exercise protocol, by Dr Pramod Tripathi that has made 6500+ diabetics free of insulin and medicines.
• For those familiar with FFD, come to get inspired through a transformational experience of felicitation more than 125 of GTT and IGT pass participants at the hands of Hon. Health Minister of Maharashtra, Dr Deepak Sawant.


1. Celebratory Dance by Shama Bhate Troupe
2. Launch of New Book and Free App 
3. Health Stalls
4. Drum Circle                                                                                                                                              
Event Date: Saturday, 29th September 2018. Time: 5 to 8 pm.
Venue: Ganesh Kala Krida Manch, Swargate, Pune, India.

To Register OR To Book Your FREE Seat:
• Message “MUKT” with your Name & City to +91 77760 77760  
• Whatsapp “MUKT” with your Name & City to +91 77760 77760  
• Call on +91 77760 77760  

Visit our website

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Beej Mantra Chanting @ MUKTOTSAV 2017

Muktotsav is the festival of freedom. 

Freedom from blocks within the body-mind-soul. 

Freedom from self-limiting beliefs, freedom from stress and of course, Freedom from Diabetes!

A Beej Mantra is the shortest form of a Mantra just like a beej (seed) which when sown grows into a tree and frees up the energy circulation deep within.
On 12th November 2017, an audience of more than 1500 people experienced a deep sense of flow and connection within their mind and body chanting Beej Mantras with Dr. Pramod Tripathi. 
Watch the entire session and relive the experience here...   

This year some interesting and different experiences are planned for MUKTOTSAV 2018, on 29 September.  At PUNE

Do join in for a FREEDOM EXPERIENCE that will energize you for months and years to come...

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