Monday, 30 April 2018

Buddha Pournima - Go for the ultimate Freedom


In the creation of Freedom From Diabetes (FFD), Buddha's life and teachings have been THE BIGGEST INSPIRATION!

During multiple Vipassana programs there has been intense past life connections and insights that have shaped my life and contributed in creating the Vision, Values and culture at FFD the way it is.

 Would be revealing something very interesting today that hasn't been shared with many till date ...We have a detailed description of the FFD ARCHETYPE that fuels energy to us. To understand that, please READ the following SLOWLY, VISUALIZING the entire situation to connect with the spirit of FFD...

If Freedom From Diabetes was a human being, what would it be like?
This has been described in detail in our Concept Note FOUR YEARS back.
Would like to write it in detail a book someday when this movement reaches greater heights... It will be called The FFD Way!

So, the FFD Archetype is....
A 300 year old Buddhist monk who has the looks of a 30 year young person. He is 12 feet tall and has great shoulders with a muscular, athletic body!
He has been meditating for lifetimes and decides that enough of meditation, let me get into some massive social change.

He comes out of the meditation peacefully, washes his face, wear sports shoes, get a zen stick in his hand, starts walking, then starts running and then starts flying.
He lands in a village where people are already gathered to listen to him. He teaches, exercises, meditates with them, makes changes in their food and stays with them for some days. In this process the villagers transform from being unhealthy, obese, frail, on medications, tired, depressed to becoming healthy, fit, energetic, happy, positive souls. When the time is right to leave, he wears his sports shoes again, takes his stick, starts walking, running and flying. With him some inspired villagers join and they all together land in another village where people are again gathered to listen. As a team they work in this new village making masses healthy and then take off to another village. And this process goes on and on, such that later the followers start doing the work, independently in various villages/ towns and the monk sits in one place in deep meditation again, totally connected with all that is happening and energizing such that it builds into one of the greatest health movement across the planet.

Our work is invisibly fueled by THIS ARCHETYPE!
I personally derive huge energies from this and Buddha.

One of Buddha's greatest teachings are related to the FOUR BRAHMA-VIHARAS -
Maitri (loving friendliness), Mudita (appreciate joy), Karuna (compassion) and Upekka (equanimity).

This has become the base of our Intensive, Residential Programs and all our work.

On this auspicious and energetically powerful day there is remote meditation planned that you join in at 10 PM for 21 minutes.
Start time: 10 am
End time: 10:21 am

Instructions for the meditation are simple. Sit in one place peacefully, with eyes closed and watch your breath, listen to sounds and your body sensations. Become sensitive to the massive energies that are present in the atmosphere today when many more people meditate together.

Also start intending and planning to go through a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course which creates great transformations.
For more details visit It is the best way to understand Buddha and his work and do some kalyan (good) for oneself and those around.

Super energies to all on this wonderful day :)
Connect with you tonight!

Dr Pramod
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