Friday, 20 April 2018

Question of the Day!

Why does my fasting sugar remain 
in higher side, above 120/130/140 
despite the dinner pp being on lower side? 
I haven't eaten anything after 
dinner at night?!?

Rise is fasting as compared to night pp3 
is a part of Dawn's phenomenon. 
This is a natural phenomenon. We get 
confused, thinking how fasting can 
be more than pp3 because one hasn't 
eaten anything after pp3.

Now the question arises in mind:

What is Dawn Phenomenon?

Answer: Dawn Phenomenon also known 
as Liver DumpIt is the term given to an 
increase in blood sugar in the morning 
caused by the body's release of 
certain hormones.

For diabetics, they don't have normal 
insulin responses to 
adjust this, and they may see their fasting glucose on high.

Reason behind rising sugars in morning:
The rise in glucose is mostly because your body is making less 
insulin and more glucagon (a hormone that increases blood glucose) 
than it needs. The less insulin made by the pancreas, the 
more glucagon the pancreas makes as a result. Glucagon 
signals the liver to break down glycogen into glucose
This is why high fasting blood glucose levels are common in 
people with type 2.

Sugars in blood are not just an output of immediate food 
but cumulatively stored food/ glucose over the past 
2-3 months in your body.

Early morning at Dawn, this stored glucose gets released 
in the blood in anticipation of requirement of more energy 
by the body through hormones opposite to insulin
This happens naturally in both diabetics and non diabetics.

Just that in DIABETICS the rise is exaggerated than non 
diabetics hence the confusion gets created.

It may take 3 months to 1 year for this exaggerated response
 which has got built up over years to reverse...

Smile as long as it is below 140...

Following tips can be tried. Success not guaranteed with any 
one of them alone or in combination because the phenomenon 
is more because of hormonal changes in the morning:

1. Do more exercise in evening especially HIIT 
(High Intensity Interval Training) than in morning. HIIT would mean 
fast and slow alternating exercise example 7 minute workout, 
walk-jog for 1 minute alternating or on cycle/ cross trainer
2. Take dinner before 7:30
3. Reduce grains in dinner
4. Have minimum 50% green in dinner includes cooked 
    vegetables and raw
5. Antigravity i.e. climbing stairs after dinner
6. Sleep before 10 pm for 7 hours in night
7. Consume the 5:30 pm smoothie
8. Take 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 20 tsp water before going to sleep
9. Avoid TV/ SCREENS OF MOBILE/ LAPTOP... after 9 pm

Always REMEMBER...
Even after doing all the above, fasting sugar may still not 
come down immediately as it is more hormonal in nature.

being this is all stored sugar being released into the blood stream. In 
more common sensical understanding... "Jo thoos thoos ke sugar bhari 
huvi hai, usme see thodisi khoon mein aa rahi hai". Whatever excess 
sugar is stored in the muscles/liver... A very small part of it is being 
released on the blood... That's it... Nothing more. Be happy that your 
godowns are getting empty....he he ha ha ha

And yes, let it be below 140. If above 140 do the above 9 things 
or increase the medicines dose. Wait and watch if it is below 140, 
peacefully and things will fall into place

Trust this helps you understand the larger game happening within...

And helps you and many to release any confusion, 
anxiety or worry happening because of immediate rise 
in daily numbers.

The intention is that each one of you becomes so WISE 
and EMOTIONALLY STRONG that you can handle any 
numbers by both - in terms of making changes in 
diet/exercise/ stress AND your understanding.

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