Sunday, 22 April 2018

Today's practice- Meditation

To meditate, first choose a place away from distractions 
and a time free from interruptions. 

A good time would be before sunrise and also before going to 
sleep at night. Once the practice is established, it can be 
practiced without any constraint of place or time.

Choose a posture which allows stillness of the body and 
keeps one alert from becoming drowsy or restless. Sitting cross 
legged on the ground is the most widely used posture. In case of 
physical limitations, chairs, backrests and meditation benches may 
be used. It is a good practice to gently stretch the body before sitting.

The back must be kept straight, allowing the spine to assume its 
full natural upright state. Keep the entire body free of muscular tension. 
Jaws to be kept slightly apart and unclenched, the tongue slightly 
curved and it’s tip touching the roof of the mouth. Eyes may be kept 
gently shut or slightly open.

Hands may be placed on the knees with palms facing upwards. 
Alternately, the right palm may be placed on the left palm and 
resting on the lap.

Once established in a comfortable position, take a few deep 
breaths to blow all tensions away. Breathe normally and bring your 
attention to the breath. Observe with full awareness your breath going 
in and breathe going out. You may initially observe that the awareness 
of the breath remains short lived for a few seconds, and the mind 
wanders away. Without any irritation, anger or negativity, gently 
bring it back to your breath.

Continue this practice for around 15 minutes. As you get more 
established in the technique, your awareness time will increase and 
you may gradually increase the meditation time. The mind normally 
dwells in the past or in the future. This technique aims to compose and 
clear the mind by bringing attention to a single point of focus, the breath. 
This automatically brings the mind to the present moment, allowing it to 
stay centred in the here and now, fully alert and present. As mindfulness 
develops, one is more focused and develops equanimity 
leading to a more joyful life.

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