Sunday, 15 April 2018

Transcendental residential program experience!

Hello, Myself Pallavi Patravali from Dharwad (Karnataka).
I am involved in family business and look after accounts & 
taxation division. 
I joined Transcendental Residential batch 28.

I am prediabetes from year 2015. I tried to lose my weight 
and more control over the diet but I could not lose my weight.

I was always under the impression that if I lose weight, 
my sugar levels (#HBA1C) will come down and I will be perfect. 
But when I joined this course, I got to know about the 
various factors of my health.

I was surprised to hear that my pancreas is producing 
more insulin. In FFD course, I was cleared with many 
things about our digestive system works and stress is 
one of the reasons for diabetes.

In TRP program, my sugar levels were in control. 
But mainly, I got freedom with my stress and grief . 
Meditation on a daily basis gives me a peace of mind. 
Food served here is good and very tasty.

Here, I also got rid of my acidity problem also. 
Throughout all the sessions, I got lot of positive energy.

And the last day experience is really unforgettable. 
Here, we learned how to get rid of our ego, how to appreciate. 
This day is really emotional and bonded with all participants.

Being here is a very good experience for me and real turning of my life. 
I heartily thank to Dr Duriya, Yunus, Dr Kiran, Dr Nikhil and Gayatri for 
all the love and support they gave to me.

This is really a divine work what they are doing .
Thank you!

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Contact: DrPramod Tripathi office 777607776

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