Friday, 3 August 2018

Do medicines have side effects?


There is a myth that if sugars are controlled with medicines / insulin there is no need to control your diet or change your lifestyle.


  1. All medicines have side effects.
  2. With medicines/ insulin you are only stuffing more sugar into cells which are already overloaded so the problem is only increased. High blood sugar in diabetes is the superficial symptom, the real deeper disease is insulin resistance which is not touched by any tablet or insulin significantly
  3. Insulin resistance leads to obesity and many other health problems like hypothyroid, hypertension, PCOD, cardiovascular diseases and many more. Taking blood sugar lowering medications does not help any of the above.
  4. Long term complications do happen to people despite good sugar control.
  5. Medications also affect kidney and liver function as major medicine are metabolized and filtered here.

So, in a way the best and only optimal option is to reduce/ get rid of diabetes medications, by changing your mindset and lifestyle and follow a proper diet and exercise schedule to reverse the disease in a step by step manner!

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