Monday, 22 October 2018

Disease until I die? - Wrong says Atul Velankar


My name is Atul Velankar, age 46 years.  I am from Mumbai. I had diabetes since 12+ years. Before joining FFD, I used to take 3 tablets and 38 units of Insulin. 

I surprisingly became free in flat 19 days. 

Freedom from Diabetes

I was weighing over 75 Kgs which has now reduced to 58 Kgs. 

Most important change is NOT the "freedom from Diabetes". But freedom from "FEAR OF DIABETES".

Every doctor I met in the past was resoundingly talking about "disease until I die" and consistent increase in medicines. 

Now, I know that diabetes is not going to go away and always will be around the corner. Perhaps I have done lot of injustice to my body and mind, and diabetes is indeed a result of it. 

It would be naive to think, it has gone away in 3 weeks. However, I also know how to keep it off even if it comes back pushing. The most important difference is, I am no more afraid of it coming back.I know now, how to push it away even if it does come back.

FFD is a strict regime, and I actually left my sales job, which made me travel all across India and South East Asia, work 18 hours a day with no timing for sleep, and food was my everyday schedule, but I went the FFD way and that is where the changes started happening and that though is few days.

I got another job of course after 3 months, but that was worth. I have now bought at least 10-15 years of healthy life at cost of 3 months of job and also a weapon to keep diabetes monster away. (FFD regime).

It is no secret that you can control diabetes. However, lot of people come to you recommending you about "what to eat - what not to eat, which exercise is good etc." However, they do not give conviction through proper reasoning.

FFD told me proper reasoning of how my body behaves and if there is any recommendation on what to-do and not to do; it always came with reasoning (and how Dr. Tripathi and his team came to that conclusion of recommendation). Which also allows me to "experiment" on my body (which I am doing now a lot and not afraid of occasional sugar level increase at all due to that)!

Now, that's what I call as freedom. It is not about "can I eat normal (?) food again" . It is now about... "I know how certain type of food, and I now also know how to put wrong away even if I consume".

I have graduated to my understanding and my own rule through experiments that - If you eat anything (read sugar) today; just consume/drain it out from body today! No residing extra sugar when you go to sleep in the night. If you follow that - you are balanced.

If you know you can work it out today.. eat it out now.. If you know you can't work it out... just don't eat! Simple... Isn't it?

I thank the entire FFD team to educate me about my own body and guiding me with the right way to maintain myself..! In the month of September, I appeared for the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and am very happy to share that I have cleared it.

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