Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Fifteen Hundred people celebrating freedom from diabetes at Muktotsav 2018

MUKTOTSAV 2018 was the 4th successful yearly event by FFD with a guest list of 1500+ guests


It was an event with some added colours of a Dance performance by Guru Shama Bhate troupe

Launch of FFD's FREE APP, and a NEW BOOK with mouthwatering delicious recipes, along with some more interesting activities and secrets of Diabetes Reversal by Dr Pramod Tripathi.

So here is another chance for those who have missed all the action of The Freedom From Diabetes Muktotsav 2018. 
Click on the video to experience the vibes of Muktotsav 2018..!

More details and next program registration on website

Contact: Dr Pramod Tripathi office 7776077760


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