Tuesday, 2 October 2018

What is Lymph Walking?


Usually we walk such that, we land with the feet flat on the ground when it lands. 

Instead, allow only the heel to land and keep the toes tightly pulled up when it lands. 

Also when lifting the foot do not lift the entire foot, only lift the heels keeping the toes in touch with the ground a little longer. This will create greater contraction in the calf muscles, which will enable more lymph to flow back to the heart. Please know that the CALVES are also called the SECOND HEART as they do hold and pump lot of blood.

For an actual experience of the difference go through the following steps-
  1. Sit on a chair slightly forward and rest your feet on the ground.
  2. Place your hand on the calf muscle of any one leg (back of the leg) half way between the knee and the ankle.
  3. Raise that leg about 4 inches. Let that leg come down ONLY WITH THE HEEL FIRST and THEN ALLOW THE TOES to touch the ground. Feel the contraction in the calf muscle.
  4. Next keeping your hand on the calf muscle lift that leg 4 inches and this time bring your foot down both heel and toes at the same time. You will notice that there is hardly any contraction in the calf muscle.
  5. Because of the SIGNIFICANT CONTRACTION in the first movement there is correspondingly more movement of lymph towards the heart.
  6. This movement in the Lymph moves impurities faster out of the system.
  7. So try and change your gait and do some minutes of Lymph Walking every day.

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