Friday, 26 October 2018

Why everyone should attend this seven days TRP?


  1. 2 times cleared the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)
  2. Lost 12 kg weight in 5 months.

Hello, my name is Malathy Nair, age 64 years from Mumbai. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017.

On joining FFD, the next day itself my allopathic tablet stopped. The 7 days experience with Dr. Pramod Tripathi and Team was really a special learning for me. I could gain not only about diabetic treatment but also about daily diet, yoga, exercise, dance, a wonderful awareness of life's various disciplines. I was thinking that I should have joined FFD much earlier. I recommend FFD not only for diabetics, but for every single individual who wants to live a beautiful and healthy life.

I feel everyone should at least once attend this 7 days programme to experience a dazzling experience of change in their lives and health conditions. 

After I was off from my diabetes tablets, I felt like I was never a diabetic in my life. I have also passed GTT. I reduced 12 kg weight, no BP, no cholesterol, no problems!

I continued smoothie and my diabetes never come back. I ate lots of mangoes, jackfruit, sometimes ice-cream, cake, sweet, toffee, payasam (kheer), etc.

Now again for the 2nd time I have cleared the GTT. Today at 64, I feel as energetic as my 40s. I suggest and request everyone to please attend the wonderful 7 days FFD course for your own benefit!!

While returning from Hidden Oasis, I can feel it that I have changed a lot over time. Mentally and spiritually also. My mind is very cool and calm now, my attitude has changed and I am completely stress free!!

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